High Performance PVD and PVDF Films Benefit from High Definition Corona Treatment

PVD (polyvinylidene) and PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride), also known as brand names Tedlar® and Kyner®, are films with remarkable capabilities for a variety of applications. From release liners to spaceship bio barriers, these films offer purity and strength while resisting solvents, acids, and heat. These films are used in battery, aerospace, architectural, solar, printed circuit boards, food, beverage and composite applications.

Many converters require these films to be laminated or coated and Enercon’s High Definiton Corona Treaters have demonstrated an exceptional ability to improve the adhesion properties of PVD and PVDF surfaces. These corona treaters incorporate high powered ceramic electrodes and a proprietary nonconductive ceramic roll covering that offers numerous production benefits.

Corona produced by these treaters is more homogenous with less filamentary discharge than corona produced by typical corona treaters. The design also virtually eliminates backside treatment, film wrinkling, film puckering and pinholing.

High definition corona treaters are completely scalable for applications that require only a few kW to those requiring  twenty, thirty or more kW. Enercon offers free lab trials to help you determine the watt density that will best meet your requirements. For more information, please contact us.

High-Definition Corona vs. Ordinary Corona Discharge