Extruding Applications

Most cast and blown film extruding applications are best served with a covered roll surface treater. Enercon offers two types of covered roll systems for extruding applications. Our original covered roll system is designed to meet the needs of the high-performance lines and our new blown film station capably handles the requirements of lower speed applications.

Covered roll systems can only treat non-conductive materials. You should always consult with an Enercon Application Expert to determine the best system for your application.

Enercon’s line of covered roll treaters support all aspects of the extrusion industry. From wide to ultra-wide applications, these systems rely on metal electrodes and dielectric covered rolls. They can be configured for treatment over the entire length of the web or for lane, skip or pattern treatment.

Enercon’s patented design combines the advantages of an ozone-safe work area with the latest benefits of advanced technology. The long-term reliability of the Enercon design is further enhanced by the unique airflow which cools the electrodes, pulls a constant supply of oxygen into the corona, and removes the ozone directly from the airgap.

Enercon offers two covered roll systems for extruding applications. The Covered Roll system is capable of handling virtually any extrusion applications including high end blown film lines. We’ve also developed an economical system for Blown Film lines that have limited speed requirements.

All of our surface treaters are powered by our ultra-reliable Compak 2000 and 9000 power supplies.

Covered Roll System

This system is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of the extruding industry. Metal electrode options include fixed length stainless steel tubes and stainless-steel segmented electrodes. Segmented electrodes allow for lane treating. Roll coverings are either made of a removable sleeve, or material that is vulcanized or coated onto the roll. Ceramic, silicon, epoxy, and Hypalon, are some of the more commonly used coverings. Visit the Covered Roll product page for more information.

Blown Film System

This compact system was specifically designed for blown film lines with limited speed requirements. These systems rely on segmented aluminum electrodes and dielectric roll coverings. Based on application requirements the roll covering may be made of silicone, ceramic or epoxy. Visit the Blown Film product page.

Ultra-Wide Web

Enercon’s Ultra-Wide surface treaters are designed for reliable treatment for lines up to 10 meters wide. The system’s unique electrode mounting assembly virtually eliminates electrode warping due to thermal expansion. This assembly ensures consistent treatment across the entire length of the web. Our Compak 9000 power supply efficiently handles the power requirements of these ultra-reliable systems. Visit the Ultra-Wide product page for more information.