Enercon’s Economic Solution Aids Indonesian Company

PT. Panverta Cakrakencana was running out of options. Years ago the company installed a new line for producing cast polypropylene. The line worked well except for a problematic corona treater. The company was unable to remedy the problem on their own and they did not want to purchase a new system.

At the recommendation of their sister company PT. Trias Sentosa TBK, the company contacted Enercon. At their Surabaya, Indonesia plant PT Trias Sentosa TBK had extensive experience with Enercon surface treaters.

Trouble-free operation and local support made the recommendation an easy one. Although PT Panverta Cakrakencana is located in a remote area of Indonesia it is accessible from Enercon’s local service center in Singapore.

Enercon General Sales Manager John Smallshaw recalls, “We try and provide our customers with the most economic solutions possible. In the long run, they appreciate our efforts to work with them on their projects in this manner. In this case, we were able to solve their problems without requiring them to invest in a complete new system.”

Enercon service engineer Jason Hua visited the facility and then consulted with Enercon’s engineering team at the company’s headquarters. It was determined that a new power supply would be the first step to remedying the problem.

With the new power supply installed, Enercon was able to determine that an inconsistent air gap on the covered roll station was also leading to insufficient treating. By working with the customer, Enercon’s engineering team was able to devise a solution by modifying the replacement Enercon power supply and replacing the ground roll.

The new Enercon 25 kW power supply and station modifications have been in place for over a year and are providing the company with outstanding performance and reliability they now equate with Enercon.

Corona Treater
PT Trias Sentosa's corona treater from Enercon.