Enercon Ground Roll Options for Ceramic Electrode Corona Treaters

Enercon’s most common ground roll offerings for use with ceramic electrodes are Bare Roll, Bare Roll with a Conductive Ceramic “P” Coating and Universal “H” Roll with a proprietary ceramic coating for producing High Definition Corona.

Enercon Roll Types and Coverings


Bare Roll

Enercon’s Bare Roll ground rolls are engineered to work with Enercon’s ceramic electrodes for treating conductive and non-conductive films. They reliably produce corona treatment and are a good economical option for most applications.

Conductive Ceramic “P” Coating

An enhancement to the bare roll is Enercon’s Ceramic “P” covering. This conductive ceramic roll covering protects the bare roll from oxidizing and makes routine cleaning and maintenance easier.

High Definition Corona Universal “H” Roll

Our proprietary ceramic blend combined with Enercon’s powerful ceramic electrodes and our high velocity air flow produces High Definition Corona. This design offers numerous benefits. It produces a smooth, higher density and more uniform corona which produces superior treatment results with lower watt densities than comparable systems. It also minimizes chances of backside treatment, pin holing and film wrinkling. In fact, these systems perform so well that many of our customers have standardized on this design for all compatible applications.

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