Corona treatment – Your competition’s secret weapon

Have you ever lost a job to a competitor and wondered how they got their price so low? Or is the guy across town expanding because they’re able to offer products your company can’t?

Corona treating may be the reason in both of these cases. Take a look at the story about Ad Tape and Label. They are an excellent example of a company that pushes the envelope of narrow web technology.

Ad Tape and Label takes advantage of corona treating to ensure product quality. The treater also gives them the versatility to produce quality products that would be otherwise impossible. But, did you also know that a corona treater can pay for itself in a matter of months?

Let me share a few findings from some recent research that asked narrow web business people how they utilized corona treaters. Some operations are realizing operational and economic benefits from using a corona treater instead of buying top-coated material.

These users reported dot gain improvements and longer die life when using a corona treater. Economically the advantages were equally impressive. Based on user input, we’ve created a model to help you evaluate if your operation would benefit from a corona treater.

The chart and data below are based on typical production variables. To plug in your own numbers, visit our cost calculator.

Top Coating Analysis

Cost: $1.30/wet pound Chemical Primer
Application: .75 wet pounds/3,000 sq.ft.
Cost/msf: $ .325/msf

Application Scenario – Narrow Web

18″ web, 300 ft./min
Cost: 450 sq.ft. x 60 x $ .325/msf =$8.78/msf/hr.

Corona Pretreatment Cost Analysis

Cost: 2.2 kW current, 12 amp = $ .15/hr
Difference: 8.63/msf/hr.

Payback Analysis

Enercon Narrow Web Corona Treater @ $10,000
$10,000 / $8.63 = 1,159 hours
1,159 hours / 8 hour shift/day = 145 days = 29 weeks