Co-extrusion & Adhesion Capabilities Give Scapa N.A. an Edge

Scapa North America’s purchase of Great Lakes Technologies in Syracuse, New York is an impressive addition to their well established line of specialty pressure-sensitive adhesive films, tapes, and compounds.

According to Tom Bezigian, Business Development manager and founder of Great Lakes Technologies, the Syracuse operation is capable of producing a tremendously wide range of highly specialized coated papers, films, and non-woven products for the medical, imaging, printing, industrial, automotive, and packaging industries.

Specialized applications require specialized equipment. The company relies on key suppliers to engineer equipment specific to their unique requirements. “Our uniquely customized Black Clawson extrusion line features an Enercon Ozonator™ (ozone generator) and Universal-Roll surface treaters, as well as a liquid chemical priming system,” says Bezigian.

“These adhesion promoting systems allow us to produce virtually any combination of metallized, paper, film, and non-woven products from 0.5 mil to 10 mil thickness.” The coextrusion ingredients come in the form of polyethylene, polypropylene, acid co-polymers, adhesive resins, acrylic, nylon, polyester, and polyurethane.

Bezigian believes that virtually no project is out of reach for the extrusion operation. “Our line features two extruders and an EDI feed block that enables us to produce one, two, or three layered products.” The line’s treatment and coextrusion capabilities make unique applications possible.

For example, Scapa North America produces a Teflon®-based product for use on automobile bumpers. Exacting tolerances are also within reach. “We’ve produced jobs to within a + 1% caliper profile, compared to an industry average of +10%. In this regard, we have no equal”, says Bezigian.

Optically Pure Products

The extrusion line is housed in a “clean room” environment which utilizes HEPA-filtered air in a positively pressured room to create “hospital-quality” air. Two web cleaning units further ensure a clean end-product. “The clean-room environment allows us to produce optically pure products which is extremely important for not only medical projects, but also for specialized automotive and electronics applications, such as high-definition television projects,” says Bezigian.

“I can honestly say, I can’t think of a single reason not to do business with Enercon,”

Tom Bezigian, Scapa Tapes

Some of the company’s recent achievements include breathable products for the medical industry. In addition to multi-layer bandages, the company also produces disposable medical gowns that repel viruses and liquids that its cloth counterpart would absorb and transmit.

Ozone improves quality and output

Bezigian explains why the Ozonator™ plays a key role for Scapa. “The ozone generator allows us to run certain extrudates at lower temperatures and at reduced air gaps. Product quality is improved in terms of bonding characteristics, heat sealabilty, color, and odor. It also allows us to do things that are otherwise impossible.”

Lower extrudate temperatures also extend the life of the die. The payback on an ozonator is equally impressive. According to Bezigian the cost of the ozonator can be recouped after only a few weeks of operation.

Workhorse ceramic electrodes

According to Bezigian, Enercon’s equipment has been “trouble-free and 100% reliable.” He notes that the system is well engineered and the ceramic roll covering and “ceramic electrodes have proven to be very durable.”

The first Enercon Universal-Roll corona treater promotes extrudate adhesion to the substrate. The second treater is located prior to the Black Clawson two-direction stationary knife winder and promotes adhesion for additional converting such as printing.

People make the difference

All this technology under one roof poises Scapa North America for excellent growth. But Bezigian is quick to point out that the people behind the technology are equally important. “Enercon treats us the way we treat our customers.”

“Anytime I need anything from the Enercon team they’re quick to respond. I’ve been in this industry for a long time and I can honestly say that I can’t think of a single reason not to do business with Enercon.”

Surface Treater and Ozone Generator
Enercon's Universal-Roll surface treater and Ozonator give Scapa an edge.