ASTM Cotton Swab Dyne Testing

The Cotton Swab Method is recognized as an industry standard under ASTM D2578-17, Standard Test Method for Wetting Tension of Polyethylene and Polypropylene Films. Dyne solutions of various concentrations are placed on the substrate until a solution is found that wets out properly. 

How to apply:
Drops of a dyne test solution are placed on the tip of a sterile applicator swab. The solution is spread lightly over one square inch of the test material.  If the wetting solution stays intact for two seconds, the treat level is at least as high as the dyne level of that solution. Repeat the procedure until a solution is used that will bead up on the surface of the material being tested. The film treat level would be identified as the last solution level that remains wetted out for 2 seconds on the surface. (A clean cotton applicator must be used for each dyne solution to avoid contamination that may distort the results.)

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