A Technology Decision – Adhesive Lamination or Extrusion Coating/Lamination?

Read the abstract below and download your copy of this informative technical paper which was presented at the TAPPI PLACE 2010 conference presentation “A Technology Decision – Adhesive Lamination or Extrusion Coating/Lamination?”.


Extrusion-based coating/laminating and adhesive-based film laminating are different manufacturing techniques a converter can use to make a composite construction. The physical properties and performance characteristics of flexible packaging made by extrusion coating and laminating can be identical to that made by film laminating. Many of the major components of the final constructions are also the same. So, which technique should be used for a particular product package? The decision is not an easy one, with equipment availability, run length, polymer specifications, and manufacturing efficiencies some of the major variables in this equation.

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