Enercon’s exclusive PlasmaReady™ Upgrade Program is designed to meet your future desire to upgrade your planned corona treater purchase to a variable chemistry Plasma3™ Atmospheric Plasma Treating System. Upgrading your purchase with Enercon’s PlasmaReady™ will reduce the future cost of system changeover to plasma.

For a nominal investment, Enercon can design your corona treater station to be retrofittable for treating a wide range of substrates using our exclusive Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma treatment technology. As new materials challenge production processes, Plasma3™ technology will keep you on the leading edge by enhancing the surface energy and treatment longevity of the most challenging substrates.

The Enercon PlasmaReady™ Upgrade includes the required station frame size modifications, as well as station preparation for variable chemistry control. When you ultimately upgrade your station to generate plasma treatment, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Higher Treatment Levels
  • Long-Lasting Surface Activation
  • Elimination of Pin-Holing
  • No Ozone is Produced
  • “Cold Flame” with Controlled Chemistry
  • Surface Morphologies Unaffected
  • Construction to any Production Width