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Next Generation Corona Treaters:
How Smart New Features Will Make Your Operation More Profitable

Next Generation Corona Treaters

Start/Stop. Power Up/Down. Who could ask for more? Well, you should; and now Enercon is making it possible.

To compete at a high level, you need the right technology to support your operation. We're talking about innovative systems that do the thinking for you. Enercon's design engineering team has developed leading edge technology to take the guesswork out of your corona treating process.

This new feature set includes:

  • Accessory integration
  • Advanced communications
  • Automated treatment control
  • Touch screen troubleshooting tips
  • Maintenance reminders & logging
  • Artificial intelligence for fault resolution
  • Customizable options
  • Remote field service options

If you're interested in the next big thing in corona treating, we know you'll love this 40-minute webinar. We're taking real-life scenarios and showing how our newest technology will improve your uptime through advanced engineering from Enercon.


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