New solventless laminating line raises the level of service for Rohm and Haas customers

From meeting environmental regulations to reducing operational costs solventless laminating has many advantages. If you're not sure if solventless laminating is right for your operation then you should bring your questions to the Rohm and Haas team at their Midwest Pilot Coating Facility in Ringwood, IL.

They recently installed a versatile production scale Comexi CL solventless laminating system. Tom Mueller, Technical Service Manager for Rohm and Haas, says the new line allows the company to replicate their customers' processes in house. The line's value as a research and development tool is only surpassed by its use as a customer training resource.

Mueller says that with today's array of adhesives virtually any lamination can be made solventless. Key to ensuring a good lamination is substrate surface energy. "We preach in-line retreatment for both the primary and secondary substrates for all solid adhesives. We've completed extensive studies that confirm optimizing surface energies improves lamination," states Mueller.

The Comexi press features two Enercon Universal Roll treaters for this purpose. Mueller says Enercon was chosen because of its long and successful history with the company. Enercon treaters can also be found on the company's Egan laminator and on a narrow web solventless laminator as well.

"We preach in-line retreatment for both the primary and secondary substrates for all solid adhesives."
- Tom Mueller
Rohm and Haas

The laminator features Comexi's latest technology and is capable of laminating up to 1500 fpm. Comexi's Area Sales Manager Rick Ruenzel says the exceptional quality of the system is a result of Comexi's extensive manufacturing capabilities. By joining forces with Enercon and other suppliers who provide international support and expertise, Comexi delivers vertically integrated laminators that demanding companies like Rohm and Haas can rely on.

Rohm and Haas relies on two Enercon treaters for their new solventless laminator.