Converting Film With Corona, Plasma & Flame Surface Treatment

Converters recognize the benefits of controlling substrate surface energy with corona, plasma & flame surface treaters. Flexible packaging converters and label printers know that almost all engineered films have nonporous surfaces with inherently low surface energy. These films are surface treated at the time of extrusion, but also require in-line treatment at the time of conversion.

Corona treaters are the most popular form of surface treatment for converting applications. Converters can choose from bare roll corona stations with ceramic electrodes for basic applications or the very popular High Definition Universal Corona treater with proprietary roll coverings and high powered electrodes. If segmented or pattern treating is required, a covered roll corona treater with stainless steel segments may be employed.

The type of surface treater required will depend on the converting application, whether it will be used to increase surface energy prior to printing, clean a surface prior to coating, or activate a surface prior to laminating.

Difficult to treat surfaces or applications that require high and long-lasting surface treatment will benefit from using atmospheric plasma surface treatment. In-line plasma uses unique gas chemistries to clean, etch and functionalize film surfaces. 

Flame treatment is frequently used on paperboard and as part of extrusion coating recipes along with ozone generators to increase operational performance.

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