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Corona Treating for Film Converting and Extrusion Applications

Enercon Corona treaters improve adhesion for converting and extruding film. The key to successful treatment is understanding the unique application variables of each type of application.

The links below transport you to insightful content specific to each application.

Learn why watt density is the best way to control treatment levels on printing lines. Find out how to optimize your blown film line layout for treatment success. Discover the secrets to improving extrusion coating bond strength.

From the basics of corona to advanced insights we’ve collected the content you need to understand how to implement corona treating into your operations.

For more information please contact our application experts directly.


  • Printing Printing

    Get insights on corona treating for flexo, gravure & digital printing.

  • Coating & Laminating Coating & Laminating

    Learn how to optimize corona treaters for coating & laminating.

  • Film Extrusion Film Extrusion

    Discover the best practices for corona treating tubing & sheeting

  • Extrusion Coating Extrusion Coating

    Find out how combining corona, flame & ozone produces better bonds.

  • Narrow Web Narrow Web

    See how corona treating enables adhesion for narrow web applications.

  • Battery Manufacturing Battery Manufacturing

    Learn how corona treating improves material performance for battery manufacturing applications.

Corona, Plasma & Flame Surface Treating technologies are used in many industries for dozens of applications. Learn more about these applications below…