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Corona, Plasma and Flame Surface Treating for
Converting and Extruding Webs and Films

Enercon is a global manufacturer of innovative surface treaters for film extrusion, printing, coating & laminating. Our advanced power supply technology, application expertise, innovative equipment design & customer support make Enercon one of the world’s leading brands.

Printing, coating, extrusion coating, laminating, blown film and cast film operations rely on Enercon’s custom engineered corona treaters. These systems are optimized for integration with all leading OEM lines.

For applications requiring more specialized pretreatment, Enercon offers atmospheric plasma, flame, and ozone surface treatment technologies. Our team will help you determine which surface treating solution will work best for your application.

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Pretreatment Technologies to Improve Adhesion on Films and Webs


  • Printing Printing

    Get insights on corona treating for flexo, gravure & digital printing.

  • Coating & Laminating Coating & Laminating

    Learn how to optimize corona treaters for coating & laminating.

  • Film Extrusion Film Extrusion

    Discover the best practices for corona treating tubing & sheeting

  • Extrusion Coating Extrusion Coating

    Find out how combining corona, flame & ozone produces better bonds.

  • Narrow Web Narrow Web

    See how corona treating enables adhesion for narrow web applications.

  • Battery Manufacturing Battery Manufacturing

    Learn how corona treating improves material performance for battery manufacturing applications.