High Definition Corona Proves Not All Corona Is Created Equal

Release date: 5/16/2008

Menomonee Falls, WI - Enercon Industries' research conclusively shows High Definition corona provides superior results for a number of critical applications. Enercon's "H" system creates higher dyne levels, superior adhesion and a larger operating window than ordinary corona generating systems. High Definition corona is produced by the combination of high powered electrodes and a high performance roll covering.

Enercon's "H" system features specially constructed ceramic electrodes optimized for use with a proprietary ceramic blend roll covering. This dynamic duo generates smoother, higher density and more uniform corona, ultimately leading to superior treatment and better adhesion.

The High Definition corona system delivers premium results on conductive and non-conductive materials, minimizes the chance of roll covering burnout and provides the industry's best insurance against pin holing, backside treatment and film wrinkling.

Enercon Industries Corporation, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI, is a major manufacturer of equipment for the plastics and packaging industries. The company supplies custom built bare-roll, covered-roll and universal roll corona treating systems, atmospheric plasma treating systems, 3D surface treaters, and 3D plasma treaters for the plastics and rubber industries.