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Seeing is believing and if a picture is worth a thousand words than a video must be priceless. We invite you to take a look at the induction cap sealing videos available on this page. You’ll see cap sealing equipment in operation, industry experts and animations that help explain the induction sealing process.


Super Seal™ Touch

Super Seal™ Touch

Super Seal™ Jr.

Super Seal™ Jr Handheld Cap Sealer


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Why Induction Seal?


Will it Burst – Induction Seal Fun

Induction Seal Eddy Currents

How Induction Sealing Works


How to set up an induction cap sealer operating window Most packagers do not realize the importance of setting up an operating window for their induction sealer. This new video from Enercon demonstrates how to set up an operating...
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Sealing Head Compatibility Enercon offers a range of sealing heads for every type of application. Watch Enercon's Jessica Toellner troubleshoot sealing a yorker cap through different types of sealing heads and how...
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Liner to Container Compatibility How do you know if your liner is compatible with your container? Watch Enercon's Jessica Toellner discuss the importance of liner compatibility and what to look for when you're...
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Operating Window The first step to Achieve a Perfect Seal™ is to find your operating window. Watch this brief video as Enercon's Jessica Toellner talks through how to set up your...
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Cap Application Torque Did you know the #1 reason for bad induction seals is lack of a sufficient torque? Watch this brief video where Enercon's Jessica Toellner talks about the importance of...
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Super Seal™ Pro Induction Cap Sealer Enercon’s Super Seal™ Pro is the most advanced induction cap sealer on the market. The system features a highly responsive 7” touch screen that provides operators with an intuitive experience. The...
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Enercon Cap Inspection Video Available with the Super Seal™ Touch, Super Seal™ Pro, and Super Seal™ Max, Enercon's new cap inspection system provides quality assurance in detecting containers without foils as well as detecting cocked caps...
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Cap Sealers help you Achieve a Perfect Seal Video Induction cap sealers create a hermetic induction seal that prevents bottles from leaking, provides tamper evidence and preserves product freshness.
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Induction Sealing 101 Need to make sense of the often-misunderstood induction sealing technology? Learn the sealing basics of induction cap sealing by watching our Induction Sealing 101 video above. You will learn about the benefits...
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