Super Seal™ Max High Speed Induction Cap Sealing

Enercon’s Super Seal™ Max provides powerful induction sealing & advanced control for the packaging industry's most demanding applications.

The Super Seal™ Max induction cap sealer creates a hermetic seal that prevents leaks, preserves freshness & shelf life while providing tamper evidence at performance levels never before possible. Enercon’s engineers designed this sealer specifically for high speed packaging lines & challenging applications.

Super Seal™ Touch - Home Screen

Its touch screen interface with one-click-away navigation intuitively unlocks a host of features that packagers love. Cap inspection & container rejection operations are fully integrated, supervisory password security ensures proper operating settings and recipe management enables repeatable results for each container setup.

A full complement of bottle & foil counts, internal monitoring of all critical operating data, descriptive fault information, troubleshooting support, universal voltage input compatibility (200-240V), remote and local control modes and network connectivity make this the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive induction cap sealer.

Gain insights on how the Super Seal™ Max cap sealer was developed.

Our engineers talk about essential features that were incorporated into this system to set new standards for packaging efficiencies and throughput.

Enercon systems are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Super Seal™ Max

KEY FEATURES For Successful Induction Sealing

  • Maximum sealing power for challenging applications

  • Intuitive touch screen simplifies setup & operation

  • Password protected settings and recipe management

  • Optional network connectivity, inspection and rejection systems

  • Stainless steel enclosure, IP55 – safe for wash down

  • Universal input voltage compatibility (200V through 240V)


THE KEY TO INDUCTION SEALING Advanced Sealing Head Technology

Enercon customers who would like to upgrade to this new technology will be pleased to learn they can use their current sealing heads with the new system.

Sealing Heads:

Foil caps should never sit idle under an active induction sealing head. Add these sensor packages to your system for additional safety:

Detects a stalled container under the sealing head and automatically turns off the sealer. 

Detects container backups entering and exiting the sealer automatically turning the sealer off should this occur.

Add Quality Control to your operation with these options:

Ensures foil is present in every cap prior to sealing.

Detects if a cap is not properly seated on bottle.

Provides operators with a beacon to easily align containers under the center of the sealing head.

Super Seal™ Touch on Deluxe Cart


Easily alerts operators of operating status from a distance.

Spare Parts Kits

Be sure your system always has backup parts. Special discounts when purchased with system.