Induction Sealing Application Articles

Enercon induction cap and capless sealers are installed around the world on lines sealing a wide array of products. Each application we encounter has a great story behind it. Read more about some of our customers' successes.

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  • "We're going to need another Enercon." (aka Induction Cap Sealer)

    What do Kleenex®, Jet Ski®, Bubble Wrap®, Zamboni® and BAND-AID® have in common? They are incredibly successful brands that are so dominant in the marketplace consumers use these brand names as synonyms for the products they represent. Wellington Foods believes the Enercon brand name has joined these prestigious ranks.

  • 17 Year Old Cap Sealer Stands the Test of Time at Lasco Foods

    Find out how Lasco Foods' investment in an Enercon induction sealer has impacted their success as a market leader for more than a century.

  • Cap sealing machine increases production efficiency for Renfro Foods

    Renfro Foods is a family-operated business experiencing tremendous growth. Since being named Vendor of the Year by Wingstop Restaurants, Inc., the Fort Worth, Texas company has pushed the capabilities of its packaging equipment to satisfy growing demand for their zesty sauces, salsas and relishes.

  • Induction seal improves seal quality and shelf-life for Nestle NZ

    When Amseal, Enercon's local representative in New Zealand, brought in a sealing project for a non-round and non-threaded container it would have been easy for Enercon's induction sealing experts to turn the project down. But instead they rolled their sleeves up and developed a custom solution for one of the world's leading manufacturers: Nestlé of New Zealand.

  • Induction seal provides coverage for Argo face-lift

    ACH Food Company's new HDPE container from Schoeneck Containers is a state-of-the-art replacement for the wax paper-lined paperboard box the product had been packaged in for decades. It features a cap with an induction seal for freshness and leak prevention. An Enercon Super Seal™ Max is used to seal the new containers. The compact, air-cooled system features an operator interface with a two-line LCD display screen.

  • Induction Seal Provides Sleek, Secure Closure for Simply Dressed

    T.Marzetti incorporates an induction seal into their Simply Dressed salad dressing creating a airtight hermatic seal and eliminate the need for shrink wrap.

  • Induction Seal Replaces Pressure-Sensitive Liner for Airtight Seal

    SaltWorks replaced pressure sensitive liners with an induction seal to ensure oxygen scavengers and desiccants are locked in with an airtight seal. 

  • Induction Sealer Chosen over Tamper Evident Shrink Band for Food Products

    Why did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers when he could have purchased a plethora of pickled products from Bay View Packing? Peter Piper certainly didn’t know that Bay View Packing recently upgraded their packaging to plastic containers with an induction seal that preserves freshness, prevents leaks and provides tamper evidence.

  • Induction Sealing Conical Shaped Dispensing Cap Earns Hall of Fame Honor

    Mendes Gonçalves, one of Portugal’s largest sauce producers, started using induction sealing 10 years ago.

  • Minterbrook's new package is fresh, inside and out.

    New package design incorporating an induction seal yields extended flavorful shelf-life and dramatic sales growth. No one knows the importance of preserving oyster freshness better than the Minterbrook Oyster Company of Gig Harbor, Washington. They've delivered quality oyster products to market since 1932.

  • Mother’s Milk Bank Uses Induction Sealing to Prevent Leaks

    The most fragile infants depend on Mother’s Milk Bank of Florida and their mighty mission to provide safe, pasteurized donor human milk (DHM). DHM is distributed by prescription to babies that are preterm or are medically fragile and the amount of milk from the infant’s mother is not quite enough to meet her baby’s nutritional needs.

  • Nut Butter Incorporates Induction Seal into PCR PET Container

    Justin's Nut Butter incorprates Enercon's Super™ Seal with and ejector to eliminated oil seepage and extend the shelf product shelf life.

  • Oil company goes green with air cooled induction sealers

    Olive oil has been produced for thousands of years dating back to the time of Homer who referred to it as "liquid gold". Today when you visit the grocery store you see hundreds of varieties lined up on the shelf, varying in flavor and price. As the product has evolved over the centuries so have the packaging methods.

  • Plastic Can Induction Sealed after Seaming

    Discover Sonoco’s new TruVue® can, clear design enables consumers to see the products inside.

  • Rave Reviews for Induction Cap Sealer

    In 1899 Shaws ( was established in Huddersfield England. When the Shaws’ packaging team invested in an Enercon induction cap sealer about one hundred years later in the early 1990’s, little did they realize that their new sealer would be reliably sealing their chutneys, relishes and sauces for two decades.

  • Saucy Seals preserve freshness for Liverpool, England company

    Chinese Chef Foods in Liverpool is using Enercon's Super Seal™ to extend the shelf life of their latest Chinese Chef range of sauces, by applying a high-integrity, hermetic foil seal.

  • Sealer passes 'mustard' in replacing PS liners

    It doesn't get much more mom-and-pop than Fisher Horseradish & Mustard, run by Gideon Fisher, Sr. He heads the 20 year old family business on his property in Newburg, PA, where his wife operates a semi-automatic filler. He operates a new portable induction sealer, a Compak™ Jr. from Enercon.

  • Unilever and Enercon Earn Awards for Package of the Year

    The Association for Dressings & Sauces awarded Unilever with its prestigious 2015 Package of the Year award for their Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Squeeze Bottle. Unilever designated Enercon as their supporting Vendor of the Year due to the application expertise Enercon supplied to make the development and execution of the package’s closure a success.

  • Amazon Packaging Requirement Eliminates Leaks for Breakthrough Mold Remover

    How an Amazon packaging requirement eliminated Leaks for mold remover.

  • American Family Rooted in American-Made Success

    When South Cascade Organics started bottling their product, they used pressure sensitive seals to act as a barrier. This was an adequate solution until they started shipping out a lot more product. “The heat induction gives our product a seal that nothing else can.”

  • Automotive Packager Chooses Enercon for Sealing

    When Millers Oils decided to move to induction cap sealing for tamper evidence and leak prevention they choose Enercon as their supplier of choice.

  • Cap Sealer Prevents Leaks on HDPE Containers

    PURE BioScience, El Cajon, CA, manufactures and packages active ingredients that are nontoxic to humans for use as hard-surface disinfectants. The patented antimicrobial is silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC). PURE BioScience packages liquid products as active ingredients for third-party products and also blends its own IV7 brand ready-to-use disinfectants.

  • Cheminova avoids leaks with inner-seal

    Enercon Industries Ltd. of Great Britain has supplied an induction cap sealing system to Cheminova A/S for the secure sealing of pesticides and preservatives. Based in Denmark, Cheminova A/S is a world-renowned agrochemical company that specializes in plant protection products, preservatives for the food industry and flotation agents for the mining industry.

  • Induction Seal Prevents Leaks During Shipment

    Packaging World Magazine recently released a report on Bryson Industries and their efforts to increase sales through a relationship with a television shopping network. They required Bryson to modify their packaging to ensure it would not leak and steered them in the direction of induction sealing.

  • Induction sealer cleans up leaking containers

    What do think when you see a leaking product? According to a Perception Research Services study consumers perceive products that are damaged to be of a lower value. We all know that negative impressions are difficult to overcome. If you could ensure a positive first impression from your packaging what would it be worth to you? For Jennifer Hardaway, founder of KLEAN Bath and Body it was easily worth the cost of Enercon's Super Seal™ Jr induction sealer.

  • Induction Sealer KIKs Production Speeds Up a Notch

    KIK Custom Products ramps up their line speeds with the help of Enercon's Super Seal™ Touch. Operation cost have gone down considerbly for the company due to the increased uptime and operators are more in control with the easy-to-use touch screen navigation.

  • MGK's new Super Seal induction sealer solves a pesty leakage problem

    MGK, a manufacturer and packager of pesticides in Golden Valley, MN, was struggling to seal their 63-mm caps using a flat head induction sealer with a universal sealing head.

  • Packaging Foursome Team up for a Hole-in-One

    Enercon, Performance Systematix and TricorBraun team up to find the perfect cap, liner and sealing technology for Floratine's foliar solutions.

  • Putting a safety on trigger bottles

    Did you know that induction sealing can solve two of the biggest problems facing spray bottle packagers? Washer seals minimize product leakage by preventing closure back-off, and they also prevent unauthorized re-use of spray bottles.

  • Trade show, local support and unique technology make clean sweep

    James Colyer, General Manager of Homecare de México (Guadalupe, México), will return to PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2003, October 13-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. His visit to the last show led to the purchase of two new induction sealing systems that virtually eliminated the possibility of leakage during distribution and protected his product against product tampering.

  • Welded seal solves ink leakage problem

    Have you ever heard of a washer seal? Unlike a standard induction seal, a washer seal is open in the middle just like a washer. It is designed to provide a permanent welded seal that prevents a cap from being removed from a container.

  • Blessings International enhances its mission with Enercon's Compak Jr Cap Sealer

    Talk with Dr. Harold Harder and you realize he's a man on a mission. As president of Blessings International, he's actually a man on a multitude of international missions. Tulsa, OK-based Blessings is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and medical supplies to teams or missions. Drugs are supplied to clinics and hospitals in developing nations that serve indigent populations.

  • Cap Sealing for Mail Order Pharmaceuticals

    Innovation is recognized as an industry leading solutions integrator for automated pharmaceutical operations. The introduction of induction sealers has allowed them to increase the quality and safety of mail order prescription medications filled by their systems.

  • Contract Pharmacal takes the pressure off with induction sealing

    Mark Wolf, CPC Vice-President of Operations, says the company changed over from pressure sensitive liners to induction foils when the industry increased its demand for a fool proof, tamper-evident seal.

  • Czech Republic Manufacturer Switches to Enercon Super Seal

    4Fitness moved from hand-held sealing to inline induction cap sealing for product freshness and they chose Enercon as their supplier of choice.

  • Enercon's Super Seal prevents leaks for Life Force International’s dietary supplements

    It always helps to have firsthand knowledge of a product before you buy it. Life Force International - a 20-year-old Chula Vista, California, manufacturer of dietary supplements - followed this concept twice with great success recently.

  • Induction Seal Preserves Organic Product Freshness

    When Synergy added a wider-mouthed jar with a 90mm cap to their product offerings, their old cap sealer was unable to accommodate the size. At the same time, they were looking to increase line speeds. That’s when Ann Walters-Cool, Director of Manufacturing, reached out to Enercon for a recommendation on a new sealer.

  • JB Laboratories' selection of Enercon induction sealer a "no risk choice."

    When you're in the business of contract pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging not only is your reputation on the line, but so is the reputation of your customer. Partnering with high profile customers requires 100% compliance, state-of-the art equipment and expertise that instills confidence.

  • Merck's high speed capsule line relies on Compak cap sealer

    Pharmaceutical companies demand precise and reliable performance from their packaging equipment. On a high-speed line the importance of performance is intensified. So when Merck installed a 300 cpm packaging line in Puerto Rico, each piece of equipment was heavily scrutinized to ensure it would be up to the task. When it came to the cap sealer, Enercon’s Compak™ was selected as the best system for the job.

  • Nature’s Way: Good for You and the Environment

    Nature’s Way is fulfilling its mission of “Paving the way to wellness” with innovative new packaging that is made from 97% post-consumable recycled plastics. Their bottles must be sealed to ensure they arrive safe and fresh for the consumer.

  • Pillars of Value Lead to a PURRfect Induction Seal

    Strong core values are like pillars of concrete forming the foundation of a business that can successfully scale.

  • Prescription Solutions relies on Enercon for RFID-Friendly Cap Sealing Solution

    Implementing induction sealing provided Prescription solutions with a challenge. At any given moment the company relies on extensive RFID technology to track anywhere between 400 to 500 individual drug prescriptions on the line.

  • Sports Nutrition Brand Selects Enercon Industries’ Inline Induction Cap Sealers

    Premium sports nutrition brand, The Protein Works, has selected Enercon Industries’ world-leading range of inline induction sealers for its automated foil sealing process.

  • Switch from conduction to induction sealing accelerates line efficiencies

    Less downtime, less scrap, less conveyor, and higher speeds all translate into higher efficiencies for SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare. The Pittsburgh-based manufacturer of Tums®, Tums E•X® and Tums Ultra® Antacid/Calcium supplements, recently completed a packaging makeover on its popular products. A new induction sealer from Enercon figured prominently in the success of the project.

  • Veterinary Packager Chooses Enercon for Sealing

    Vetoquinol Biowet decided to move to induction cap sealing for tamper evidence and leak prevention and they chose Enercon as their supplier of choice.

  • Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2007

    The votes are in, Induction Sealing Hall of Fame inductees were unveiled at Pack Expo in Las Vegas. These unique packaging applications represent the greatest challenges to the physics of induction sealing .

  • Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2009

    The packages were selected by a panel of induction sealing application experts. Each is being honored for the challenges that were overcome to achieve production success with an induction sealing.

  • Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2010

    In recent years Enercon has worked with leading customers on expanding the application range of this technology. The best examples of this success are represented by this group of HALL of FAME honorees.

  • Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2012

    In recent years Enercon has worked with leading customers on expanding the application range of induction sealing. This year's honorees are being honored for the challenges that were overcome to achieve production success.

  • Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2014

    In recent years Enercon has worked with leading customers on expanding the application range of induction sealing. This year's honorees are being honored for the challenges that were overcome to achieve production success.

  • Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2016

    In recent years Enercon has worked with leading customers on expanding the application range of induction sealing. This year's honorees are being honored for the challenges that were overcome to achieve production success.

  • Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2018

    In recent years Enercon has worked with leading customers on expanding the application range of induction sealing. This year's honorees are being honored for the challenges that were overcome to achieve production success.