All-in-One Sealing Head

Enercon's - All-in-One Sealing Head

All-in-One Sealing Head

Original All-in-One Sealing Head

Enercon's All-in-One Universal Sealing head designs team up with the Super Seal line of induction cap sealers for versatile and high performance cap sealing.

For packagers induction sealing a wide range of containers, Enercon offers All-in-One sealing head designs. These designs provide tremendous flexibility allowing your operators to optimize the induction field to achieve a perfect seal across your entire production range.

Enercon offers two All-in-One sealing head designs. The classic design is paired with the Super Seal™. When sealing different container diameters operators pivot the sealing head into the correct position as pictured to the right.Super Seal and expertly designed all-in-one sealing head.

For the Super Seal™ Touch Enercon has developed a completely new All-in-One Sealing head that simplifies the set-up process. The video below shows how operators use a positive locking mechanism and dead front label to correctly set sealing head position. The system is ideal for sealing a wide range of cap sizes up to 120mm.

Enercon also offers flat and tunnel sealing heads.

As with all cap sealing applications it is best to allow Enercon to test your containers in our laboratory to determine which sealing head will best meet your operation’s requirements.