All-in-One Sealing Head

Enercon's - All-in-One Sealing Head

All-in-One Sealing Head

Bottles and Caps Induction Sealed

Consider Enercon's All-in-One Universal Sealing head when your packaging line needs to seal a wide range of cap sizes.

It operates on the same principle as Enercon’s flat sealing heads with additional capabilities for sealing a wider range of cap sizes.

This powerful sealing head allows your operators to optimize the induction field for each of your cap sizes to ensure you achieve a perfect seal across your entire production range. This style of sealing head is available with Enercon’s new Super Seal™ and Super Seal™ Touch.

To adjust the induction field operators simply move the adjustment knob into one of four pre-calibrated locking positions corresponding to the cap diameter as indicated on the label. The sealing head is capable of sealing cap sizes up to 120mm.

Find out if the All-in-One sealing head, our standard flat sealing head, or our tunnel sealing head is right for your packaging line by contacting Enercon’s application experts. They can guide you on the best solution for your operation and offer free laboratory testing as well.

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