Induction Sealing Video

Will it Burst? - Rooftop Edition

Watch this video as we test the strength of an induction seal by throwing it off a roof.

Will it Burst? - Winter Edition

Watch this video as we test the strength of an induction seal in the frigid elements of a Wisconsin winter.

Auto Jr Induction Sealer 1:03
Auto Jr

See how the Auto Jr™ is designed for packagers with lower volume operations who still want to take advantage of the benefits of a heat induction liner.

Cap Inspection System 3:10
Cap Inspection

See how Enercon's new cap inspection system can provide tamper evidence, seal in freshness and prevent unsealed or leaky containers from leaving your facility. 

Cap Sealing Products to help you Achieve a Perfect Seal

Induction cap sealers create a hermetic induction seal that prevents bottles from leaking, provides tamper evidence and preserves product freshness.

eJector 0:32

The versatile eJector mounts to virtually any conveyor and provides operators the control they need. Watch to see how simple this rejection system is to use.

Induction Sealing 00:50
How Induction Sealing Works

Induction sealing creates a hermetic seal by passing a capped bottle under the induction sealer in a non-contact process.

How to set the air gap for an induction cap sealer 1:03
How to set the air gap for an induction cap sealer

Setting a consistent air gap for your induction cap sealer is a very important step in the set up process.

Set up an induction sealer operating window 2:45
Set up an induction sealer operating window

Most packagers do not realize the importance of setting up an operating window for their induction sealer. This new video from Enercon demonstrates how to set up an operating window for your induction sealer to maximize productivity.

Induction Sealing - Global Perspective

Check out how Enercon induction sealers are used throughout the world in this video produced by our sister company in England.

Induction Sealing 101 5:28
Induction Sealing 101

Need to make sense of the often misunderstood induction sealing technology? Learn the sealing basics of induction cap sealing by watching our Induction Sealing 101 video.

Making of the Video 0:32
Making of the Video "Will it Burst?"

Watch the unexpected result when testing the strength of an induction seal during the filming of Enercon's video "Will it Burst?

Pneumatic Jr 0:28
Pneumatic Jr

The Pneumatic Compak Jr. efficiently seals capped and capless containers. See how simple it is to operate.

All-in-one Sealing Head 0:49
All-in-one Sealing Head

Enercon’s Jeff LaGrange demonstrates the simple adjusting mechanism on the new the new all-in-one sealing head.

Super Seal Induction Cap Sealer 1:17
Super Seal

Watch how the Super Seal™ ease of operation is designed to meet the needs of packaging operations from small to large providing worry free heat induction seals.

Super Seal Deluxe 1:09
Super Seal Deluxe

Watch how this powerful system features microprocessor control, a sophisticated operator interface and an advanced sealing head design to maximize performance.

Super Seal Jr Hand Held Induction Sealer 0:44
Super Seal Jr

When it comes to hand held induction sealing the Super Seal™ Jr is a portable powerhouse. Watch how easy it is to manually seal containers with the powerful and user friendly Super Seal™ Jr.

Super Seal Touch 4:23
Super Seal Touch

The all new Super Seal™ Touch delivers more sealing power, a reengineered cap inspection system, intuitive touch screen control and network connectivity. Take a behind the scenes look as the Super Seal™ Touch development team talks about the significant developments of this exciting new induction sealer.

Super Seal Touch Podcast 4:05
Super Seal Touch Podcast

Listen to Enercon's Director of Sales Ryan Schuelke interviewed by Pear Tree Communications' James Krouse as Enercon unveils the new Super Seal™ Touch at Pack Expo Las Vegas.

Preventing Leaks During Shipment 0:50
UPS, Fedex & Television Shopping Network Shipping Requirements

Today your packaging distribution channels have a lot to say about your packaging strategies. If you want to ship liquids with UPS or Fed EX you are responsible for making sure your products won't leak. On UPS's website they specifically recommend induction sealing for preventing leaks during shipment.

Induction Heat Sealing 04:28
Why Induction Seal?

Find out the impact a simple, small induction foil seal is having on packages around the globe. Learn how packagers are lowering production costs, increasing profits and reducing scrap by adding an induction foil to their containers.

Will it Burst - Induction Seal Fun

Watch this video as we test the strength of an induction seal in some extraordinary which include throwing it against a wall, jumping on top of the bottle and running it over with a truck.