Vintage Sealers

In their day these systems were the industry's best.  However, Enercon's design engineers have developed technology which offers even greater sealing capability, versatility and reliablity. For each of the "vintage" systems below, you will see the current system which has replaced it.

The Compak™ has been replaced by the air cooled Super Seal™ cap sealer. The Super Seal offers a superior design making it the industry’s most popular cap sealer for reliable performance and ease of operation.

Compak™ Jr

The Compak™ Jr has been replaced by the new Super Seal™ Jr. induction sealer. The hand held Super Seal™ Jr. offers more sealing power from a smaller footprint and includes a batch counter, foil detector and timer.

Integral/Integral II

The Integral and Integral II have been replaced by the Super Seal™ induction cap sealing machine. Super Seal’s advanced design makes it a packagers’ best choice for reliable cap sealer performance and ease of operation.

Super Seal™ Max - High Speed Induction Sealer

For packagers with the most demanding applications Enercon has engineered the powerful Super Seal™ Max. This innovative and patented induction sealing equipment offers production speeds never before possible with air-cooled systems. It reliably seals containers at production speeds in excess of 300 feet per minute/ 100 meters per minute.

Pneumatic Jr - Cap and Capless Sealing

The Pneumatic Jr. is a table-top induction cap sealer machine that's ideal for laboratory and low production runs. The machine's ultra-reliable power supply and highly efficient sealing head are conveniently mounted on an adjustable stand.

Super Seal™ Deluxe

After a decade of outstanding service to the packaging industry the Super Seal Deluxe has been retired. Taking its place is the all new Super Seal Touch featuring touch screen control & a host of new features.


If you do require assistance with your Enercon induction cap or capless sealing system, the links below will help you find a solution to your problem.

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