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We get the question all the time, "How do you calculate line speed?" So we've create an easy-to-use online calculator for this and other induction sealing related computations.


Find out answers to your induction sealing questions and those that others have posed to us throughout the years.


Is there a term you just don't know or can never remember what it means? We've outlined some of the most important terms in induction sealing systems.


Think of basics as Induction Sealing 101 - not too much information but just enough to give you a good grasp on the process.

Industry Links

Can't find that supplier you've been searching for? Enercon's industry links page not only gets you to important sites in the industry, but we also provide email & phone numbers for easy communication.


Enercon's induction sealing lab allows you the opportunity to test induction sealing on your cap, liner and container compatibility.


Test your cap sealing knowledge with our interactive quiz.

Recommendations & Reminders for Integrating Sealers

Enercon offers a wide range of inspection, detection and rejection accessories for your cap sealer. These accessories were developed to help you achieve a perfect seal every time and to provide additional operational safeguards when integrating an induction sealer into a conveyor production line.


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