What is the Right Power Level for my Cap Sealer?

Achieving a perfect seal every time

Learn How to Implement a Proven Process for Achieving a Perfect Seal

What's the right power level for my cap sealer? It seems like a simple question, but the more you understand the induction sealing process, the more you realize there are numerous variables in play every time a container passes underneath your sealer.

In this 60-minute webinar, Enercon's cap sealing veterans Ryan Schuelke and Jeff LaGrange will teach you how to implement a proven process that will help you determine the optimal power setting for your application.

We've taught this process to leading packagers around the world and those that implement it have reported increased efficiencies and induction sealing success.

Topics Include:

  • Variables that affect induction cap sealing success
  • The proven process used by leading packagers
  • How to setup an operating window
  • Techniques used to determine a good quality seal

Seal Integrity Guide
Setup and Operating Window Data Sheets

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