UPS, Fedex & Television Shopping Network Shipping Requirements

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Today your packaging distribution channels have a lot to say about your packaging strategies. If you want to ship liquids with UPS or Fed EX you are responsible for making sure your products won't leak. On UPS's website they specifically recommend induction sealing for preventing leaks during shipment.
Packaging World Magazine recently released a report on Bryson Industries and their efforts to increase sales through a relationship with a television shopping network. The television shopping network required Bryson to modify their packaging to ensure it would not leak and steered them in the direction of induction sealing.
Bryson turned to Enercon for a Super Seal Induction Sealer and we're pleased to say they have been thrilled with the results. The sealer was a simple addition to their packaging line and now that their products are protected from leaking, sales through the television shopping network are now possible.
If your shipper, distributor or giant retailer requires you to prevent leaks we invite you to contact us to discuss incorporating an induction seal into your package.

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