Are you maximizing the productivity of your induction cap sealer?

Finding the best cap sealer for your application might not be as simple as you think. With the introduction of several new models over the past few years you have more choices than ever before. And your choices aren't only limited to the cap sealer's power supply and sealing head. New options and features can add value and productivity to your investment.

Enercon takes great pride in offering the industry the widest selection of power supplies, sealing heads and performance enhancing options. More options means a greater ability to customize a sealing solution for your current and anticipated future needs. It also means you don't have to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution.

With Enercon's product line you can make the choice that's right for you. After all you shouldn't be expected to pay more for features you won't use. And you certainly don't want to settle for a system without the features you can use.

Selecting the right cap sealer

So what are some of your options with Enercon? Step one is determining your requirements in terms of line speed and scope of cap/container configurations. Enercon's application experts can help you decide which power supply and sealing head, or heads, will optimize the performance of your system. Our experts are trained to take into consideration your present and future needs.

Selecting the right options

For some applications, a basic cap sealer is all that is required. Other companies like the idea of the added quality control that having an inspection and rejection system provide. For these customers Enercon offers an integrated system that is simple to install and maintain. More advanced users such as pharmaceutical companies opt for the Enercon Assists™ cap sealer which, in addition to other benefits, incorporates the inspection system as a standard feature.

Some pharmaceutical companies will elect to invest in Enercon's validation package. The validation package provides packagers with all the protocol documentation they need to validate their cap sealing operation. Additional enhancements include an advanced operator interface and the ability to remotely control and monitor your cap sealer operation. This is ideal for companies looking to integrate their cap sealer into a line control system.


Enercon stands behind its products with a success guarantee. We're able to do this because of our years of experience at correctly sizing and building custom systems for just about every application imaginable. From two headed containers to capless containers Enercon has developed solutions for applications that other companies said couldn't be done. And when your needs grow, Enercon's product line grows with you. Enercon accepts trade-ins on all system upgrades. This way you'll be assured of always having the latest technology available.

If you have a question on system options or are planning a purchase of a new cap sealer contact us today for a free evaluation of your application. We can test your products in our lab and guarantee you a solution that will meet your needs.

Originally appeared in: eNews: Induction Sealing Technology 1st Quarter 2003

Enercon's Super Seal Deluxe is just one of Enercon's induction cap sealers that can be enhanced with accessories to increase productivity.