Don't be fooled by kilowatts

There appears to be a misconception in the packaging industry concerning the relationship between the kilowatt ratings of induction sealing systems and sealing capability. While it is true that a higher kilowatt rating means a more powerful system, this doesn't necessarily result in higher sealing rates.

Kilowatt rating is only part of the story. The real secret to creating efficient and effective seals time-after-time is in the energy transfer from one part of the system to the other.

Let's look at some important factors involved in achieving satisfactory induction seals:

Sealing Head (Coil) Design

All sealing heads are not created equal. There is both an art and a science involved in coil design to achieve efficient and effective power transfer from the power supply and into the inner seal foil. All suppliers of induction systems do not share that design capability. Enercon has pioneered and produced a greater variety of sealing heads for more applications than all of our competitors combined. If you do not have the correct coil design, increasing the power of the power supply only wastes energy and does not significantly improve consistent sealing.


Frequency is also a very important component in achieving consistently successful induction seals. Depending on the frequency of the sealing system, you may not be able to achieve complete wax melt when using two-piece, wax bonded innerseals.

At Enercon, we match the frequency to the application. You can be assured that if you're running 38mm dispenser, 53mm CT or 110mm CT closures your Enercon system will deliver the proper frequency for your application.

We believe that the emphasis should be on sealing performance and system efficiency rather than kilowatt ratings. Because of all the reasons above, it’s not unusual for one of our lower kilowatt rated units to outperform a competitive unit with a higher kilowatt rating.

We are so confident that our sizing techniques are accurate that if we sell you a system that does not perform to the specifications you provided, we will upgrade the system to achieve consistent seals, or refund your money, no questions asked.

Don't be fooled by suppliers that try to convince you that kilowatts are the best way to rate induction sealers. Thousands of installations tell us that sealing head design and frequency are equally important factors to be considered.

Originally appeared in: eNews: Induction Sealing Technology 1st Quarter 2001

Enercon has engineered a number of high-efficiency induction sealing heads including the deep tunnel design for sports caps. These designs reduce kilowatt requirements for effective sealing.