Comparing apples to apples is nice, but sometimes you'll find comparing apples to oranges is better

What factors do you consider when purchasing packaging equipment?

Savvy buyers recognize cost, technology, reputation, and support as key considerations.

Its obvious that all induction sealers are not created equal. It can also be said the companies selling and manufacturing these systems are not created equal. In fact sometimes its like comparing apples to oranges.

Real world examples

Recently we've received distress calls from packagers who thought they had gotten a terrific bargain on a used induction sealer or a "no-name" brand they had stumbled across.

Why are they calling Enercon? Because they are having problems and can't get any application support. In some cases we were able to help them. In other cases they've been sold a piece of equipment that is either inferior or incorrectly matched to their application.

If you're currently saddled with any induction sealer that's not getting the job done, give us a call. For a limited time you can trade it in towards the purchase of an Enercon sealer.

We also invite you to use us as a resource when evaluating one of these "too good to refuse bargains." We'll provide a fair assessment of the equipment you are considering.

And if your timing is right, we might have a used or reconditioned sealer for your application, available at a reduced price. Unlike most used equipment our systems come with a full warranty.

Building an induction sealing system is not rocket science. The real secret of induction sealing is the application knowledge gathered over many years.

Our dedicated team around the world is the largest, most experienced sales and service organization in the cap sealing industry. In fact, chances are good that one of our factory trained representatives are within a short distance of your facility.

So when you consider cost, technology, reputation and support, its clear that comparing apples to apples sometimes makes you realize that you've been looking for an orange all along.

Bill Zito, Vice President Induction Sealing Systems, inspects a recently sealed container in Enercon's cap seal lab.