Getting Started with Induction Cap SealingThis free eBook shares expert insights from packaging professionals.

Discover how & why packagers use induction sealing to improve their packaging.

Induction sealing improves packaging by preventing leaks, preserving freshness, and providing tamper evidence. Enercon helps packagers succeed with induction sealing. In this informative ebook you’ll learn:

  1. How Induction Cap Sealing Works

    Watch a video animation that shows how an induction sealer creates a hermetic seal.
  2. Benefits of Induction Sealing

    In addition to being an FDA approved form of tamper evidence, induction seals also prevent leaks and ensure product freshness.
  3. Induction Sealing Application Examples

    Induction sealing is used in a variety of industries such as food, beverage & pharmaceutical. View a gallery of induction sealed products & read customer reviews.
  4. Which induction sealer is right for you

    From manual hand held cap sealing to high performance production line cap sealers Determine which sealer is best for your application.
Getting Started with Induction Cap Sealing

Enercon Guarantee

If our Cap Sealer does not successfully seal your product at the speeds quoted we'll upgrade your cap sealer with a more powerful model. Guaranteed!

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