"We're going to need another Enercon." (aka Induction Cap Sealer)

What do Kleenex®, Jet Ski®, Bubble Wrap®, Zamboni® and BAND-AID® have in common? They are incredibly successful brands that are so dominant in the marketplace consumers use these brand names as synonyms for the products they represent. In Southern California, contract manufacturer Wellington Foods believes the Enercon brand name has joined these prestigious ranks.

Enercon Super Seal™ Touch "When asked how the company got its start with Enercon induction cap sealers, President Tony Harnack says, "Wow, it's been Enercon ever since I can remember. Isn't Enercon synonymous with induction sealing? When we need a new sealer, we simply say we need another Enercon."

Over the years, Wellington has needed quite a few new "Enercons". In the past decade they have significantly expanded their operations to over 200,000 square feet. Their business supports the burgeoning healthy living movement, where Nutritional Supplements are part of healthy lifestyles.

Who is Wellington Foods?

Wellington Foods Production LineYou might be wondering why you haven't heard of Wellington Foods. Well, that's by design. The company does not market or sell any of the liquid or powder products they produce under their own name. They are focused on custom development, production and packaging of high quality consumer supplements for their customers. In fact, they're the behind-the-scenes company supporting many leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) you see on store shelves everywhere.

Tony Harnack explains, "Some of our customers come to us with only a concept for a product, while others have an existing product they want to tweak or some want to upgrade from their current co-packer."

Wellington is a true manufacturing and packaging partner. Harnack is quick to point out some challenges of liquid formulations, "By nature, most botanical supplements do not taste very good. In tablet form, Vitamin C has no taste, but in liquid form, it does. We are able to formulate a pleasing taste for the consumer without losing any of the beneficial properties of the supplement."

Induction Sealing is Key to Packaging Success

Induction cap sealing creates a hermetically sealed package which provides several benefits. "Liquids are subject to oxidation, which affects taste and and reduces supplement potency," says Harnack. To preserve product freshness and shelf-life, the company employs a nitrogen purge in the head space, immediately followed by capping and sealing. Cap sealing also provides tamper evidence and prevents leaks which can ruin packaging, entire cases and consumer impressions.

Wellington's newest induction sealer is Enercon's Super Seal™ Touch System. It features an easy-to-use touch screen interface and the sealing power to handle top line speeds. The sealer is part of the company's newest and fastest packaging line.

Proving New Packaging Concepts

When you're always working on new concepts with your customers, there can be plenty of trial and error. Recently, Wellington was working on a new bottle and cap configuration with a supplier and they were having issues with leaking containers. Enercon's Vice President of Sales, Ryan Schuelke, took a prompt detour from a trip in Northern California to partake in the trial. "It was great that Enercon and Ryan made themselves available for the trial. We were struggling with leakers and it turned out that the sealer was doing its job, but the quality of the land area on the bottle was inconsistent which lead to leaks. Once we identified that as the issue, we were able to focus on a resolution with the bottle supplier," notes Harnack.

Enercon and Wellington Foods have a number of similarities. Like Enercon, Wellington has been in business for over 40 years and both companies have developed deeply trusting partner relationships with their customers. Harnack says an important part of Wellington's success is his team's commitment to their customers. "We care as much about the integrity of our customers' brands as they do. And we enjoy working with Enercon because we know they care about our success as much as we do."

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