Welded seal solves ink leakage problem

Have you ever heard of a washer seal? Unlike a standard induction seal, a washer seal is open in the middle just like a washer. It is designed to provide a permanent welded seal that prevents a cap from being removed from a container.

IJR, a manufacturer and remanufacturer of ink jet cartridges recently worked with Enercon to develop a welded seal solution for a leakage problem. The problem stemmed from a threaded cap used on a newly designed 700 ml ink cartridge. The ink cartridge was loaded into printers in an inverted position and proceeded to leak.

Enercon recommended using a Compak™ Jr. and a washer seal to provide a welded seal. The welded seal would prevent the ink from leaking out of the sides of the cap and still allow the ink to flow out of the cartridge through a small opening in the cap.

Successful sealing of samples in the Enercon lab convinced IJR that this was just the solution they were looking for. They purchased the Compak™ Jr. and immediately put it to work. IJR now fills the cartridges, pulls them off-line, adds the washer liner and uses the Compak™ Jr. to create the welded seal. The seal prevents leaks and also prevents the removal of the cap as well.

IJR's Director of Engineering Services, Jon Nicollelo says "the installation and startup of the system was very quick and easy. Enercon was very focused on developing a solution to our problem. Considering we only purchased a single table-top unit, I was most impressed with Enercon's commitment and level of support."

Originally appeared in: eNews: Induction Sealing Technology 3rd Quarter 2004

Welded seals create a permanent bond between the cap and cartridge to prevent leaks and cap removal.