Enercon's Super Seal prevents leaks for Life Force International’s dietary supplements

It always helps to have firsthand knowledge of a product before you buy it. Life Force International - a 20-year-old Chula Vista, California, manufacturer of dietary supplements - followed this concept twice with great success recently.

On the selling side, they provide their customers with complimentary samples of their products at educational seminars. This strategy provides a positive firsthand experience for even the most doubtful seminar attendee and more often than not they become a customer.

On the buying side, Life Force itself "sampled" Enercon Super Seal™ induction cap sealers to eliminate any potential for leakage of its liquid nutritional products. A try-it-before-you-buy-it loaner unit, configured with specially designed deep tunnel sealing heads, gave Life Force the firsthand satisfaction it needed before it happily sealed the deal with Enercon.

According to Life Force plant manager Charles Bates, it's not only the ingredients but the way the nutrients are delivered that makes a difference: "We established two decades ago that ingesting these supplements in liquid format, rather than a pill, allows the body to absorb the nutrients faster to provide a prompt benefit to the individual."

He noted Life Force International relies on multi-level-marketing distribution to sell its diverse line of whole-food wellness supplements. To educate its customers/distributors, the company leaders hold all-day seminars. During breaks, they offer attendees free samples.

This strategy works to Life Force's advantage. Most attendees who sip the supplements feel rejuvenated and more alert for the next session. They say this allows them to be more attentive to the information presented about the products. Wanting to upgrade their pressure seal equipment, Life Force began an extensive search that took them through the Internet and trade shows. One name that kept appearing was Enercon, whose Super Seal™ induction cap sealers which have provided tamper-evidence, freshness and leak prevention for more than 5 billion containers worldwide.

Obviously, Enercon has tremendous confidence in its products... So we tried it and sure enough, the Super Seal did a super job.
Charles Bates, Life Force International

When Life Force invited Enercon to Chula Vista to discuss the application, Enercon's local representative quickly obliged. HDPE container samples with plastic threaded caps were sent back to the Enercon factory to confirm which system best suited Life Force's operation and production line speed.

It was determined that its 28 mm and 38 mm caps could be sealed by an air-cooled Enercon Super Seal™. Using a deep tunnel sealing head, the electromagnetic field is optimally directed around the cap to weld the inner seal to the container's lip. The all-in-one power supply and sealing system requires little floor space, virtually no maintenance and is easily mounted on the conveyor.

What Enercon did next surprised Bates. "Their vice president of sales, Bill Zito, was very professional and offered to send us a unit to try for 30 days.

"Obviously, Enercon has tremendous confidence in its products," Bates said. "So we tried it and, sure enough, the Super Seal™ did a super job."

Within a year, Life Force International added a second Super Seal™ for an additional packaging line. Among Super Seal's features is a quick change design to accommodate customized sealing heads for added flexibility if package configurations change.

Enercon's Super Seal™ is configured with a deep tunnel sealing head for Life Force International's products.