Super Seal Max extends shelf-life and seals Jus-Made's diverse product mix

A contract packager's best asset is versatile packaging equipment. Innovative packages such as COSMO's line of drink mixes will put any line to the test. So it is important to rely on equipment experts that guide your operation to the best solutions on the market. That's why Jus-Made LP of Dallas Texas partnered with Enercon representative RP Anderson when they put together their most recent hot-fill line.

Jus-Made manufactures a wide range of fruit juices, smoothies, bar mixes, fruit granitas, and coffee granitas under their own labels as well as contracted products. Product line growth for organic juice products required a versatile new line including a Pack West rotary filler, US Bottlers rinser, Pack West capper, Krones Labeler and Enercon Super Seal™ Max induction sealer.

Jim Tanner, president of Jus-Made, explains the packaging procedure as follows: The liquid product is cold filled using an 18-head Regal Series rotary filler from Pack West Machinery Co. The containers are nitrogen purged by a Model LCI 400 purge system from VBS International, Inc. An induction liner is sealed onto the bottle mouth by means of an Enercon Super Seal™ Max induction sealer.

In addition to providing tamper evidence, induction sealing extends the product's shelf life. "That can be a great help to our distributors and retailers, and we can stock more inventory," says Jus-Made's Plant Manager Tim Ray.

He says the Enercon sealer enables the company to handle a wide range of bottle volumes and neck diameters. This is especially important because so much of Jus-Made's business is on a contract manufacturing basis. "The machine has different sealing heads available, which has allowed us to increase flexibility and the number of customers we can serve," says Ray.

Jus-Made seals 63-mm cap diameters at speeds in excess of 145 bottles/ min. The company also seals containers with 28-mm caps on the same line. Only the Super Seal™ Max is capable of delivering the sealing power, speed and flexibility required by Jus-Made's diverse application requirements.

The majority of Jus-Made's caps are high-density polyethylene with a foil liner. The caps are applied primarily to PET bottles, though some bottles are HDPE. Berlin Packaging supplies the caps, liners, and bottles.

"The Enercon tunnel sealing heads produce a more effective seal by running the electromagnetic field vertically as well as horizontally. The sealer is aircooled, requiring little maintenance, and its plug-in sealing head design makes changing heads quick and easy," says Ray.

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Originally appeared in: eNews: Induction Sealing Technology 4th Quarter 2007

Jus-Made's application required the world's most powerful air-cooled induction sealer–Enercon's Super Seal™ Max.