Rave Reviews for Induction Cap Sealer

Induction Cap sealer test of time

In 1899 Shaws (www.shaws1889.com) was established in Huddersfield England. The proprietors were starting a business that would be selling products not just into the next century, but well into the 21st Century. When the Shaws’ packaging team invested in an Enercon induction cap sealer about one hundred years later in the early 1990’s, little did they realize that their new sealer would be reliably sealing their chutneys, relishes and sauces for two decades.

The sealer they purchased was an Enercon Compak™ water cooled induction cap sealer. At the time it offered the industry’s leading technology and performance. The design has stood the test of time. Jim Peace, Production Director of Shaws, says “The Enercon induction sealer is one of the most reliable machines on our line. After over 20 years of use the unit still works perfectly and looks like new.”

New Technology Offers More

Over the last twenty years Enercon engineers have taken induction cap sealing technology to breakthrough levels of speed and performance. Increased speeds, simpler operation and virtually no maintenance are hallmarks of Enercon’s present day line of Super Seal™ air cooled sealers. Mr Peace says, “We wanted to future proof our sealing needs by moving to an air-cooled unit capable of running at higher production speeds. We also wanted to move away from a water-cooled machine to further reduce maintenance.

Shaws made the move to Enercon’s top of the line Super Seal™ Max cap sealer. The system features two induction sealing heads which are specifically designed to maximize the sealing energy applied to the induction liner. The resulting hermetic seal preserves freshness, prevents leaks and provides tamper-evidence.

Shaws’ relationship with the Enercon Team in Aylesbury, England goes beyond system performance, the support they receive from Enercon is worth noting. Mr. Peace commented: “It is absolutely brilliant. Everyone I have dealt with has been friendly, helpful and professional – Enercon understands the pressures of production.”

Shaws Huddersfield seals its packages with an Enercon Super Seal Max induction cap sealing system.