Putting a safety on trigger bottles

Did you know that induction sealing can solve two of the biggest problems facing spray bottle packagers? Washer seals minimize product leakage by preventing closure back-off, and they also prevent unauthorized re-use of spray bottles.

Closure back-off occurs from pressure and temperature changes that cause the container and cap to expand and contract. The resulting leaks occur during shipping, in warehouses, on retailers' store shelves and in consumer homes.

The second benefit of a washer seal is the prevention of container re-use. Consumers will commonly reuse a spray container and fill it with a different product than what is on the label. In some cases they refill it with chemicals. A dangerous mislabeled or unlabeled container becomes a safety hazard.

Refilling bottles is not only a safety concern, but it’s also a product quality concern. Unscrupulous distributors and retailers, often in developing countries, will refill or dilute the original package. They resell the counterfeit versions for huge profits.

The foil seal used in pump/trigger spray application consists of a foil layer (or 2 foil layers and a layer of foam) with a sealant coating on each side of the foil. The foil adheres to both the container and closure, creating a welded seal. The resulting welded seal cannot be broken by hand and in fact requires extreme force to be broken.

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Originally appeared in: eNews: Induction Sealing Technology 1st Quarter 2003

Enercon has developed induction sealing heads specifically for spray trigger bottes.