Plastic Can Induction Sealed after Seaming

Packaging World Cover

As reported by Packaging World Magazine, McCall Farms of Effingham, South Carolina is creating a stir on store shelves with Sonoco’s new TruVue® can (To view a video of the new TruVue® can click here). Its clear design enables consumers to see the products inside the can before they buy.

The innovative plastic container can be seamed at 500 cans/minute, retorted at 267 degrees F, and it offers a shelf life of 2+ years. A major benefit to packagers is that this innovative design is essentially a drop-in replacement for the traditional steel can.

Key to the package design is the use of induction sealing technology. Sonoco partnered with Enercon to develop a proprietary sealing process based on the Super Seal™ Max to enable the package to maintain freshness. Both the bottom and the top of the can have a polypropylene film laminated to them. After seaming, the cans go through an induction sealing process. This layer of plastic becomes a second means by which the end is affixed to the can body. “It creates a really tight, bonded seal throughout the entire seam area,” says Sonoco Director of Corporate Communications Brian Risinger.

This FUSION Fresh Lock Technology® is what really sets Sonoco’s three-piece container apart from plastic retortable cans developed by others. The container has been granted four U.S. patents.

To learn more about this innovative new package read the complete story on Packaging World’s website.

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