JB Laboratories' selection of Enercon induction sealer a "no risk choice."

When you're in the business of contract pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging not only is your reputation on the line, but so is the reputation of your customer. Partnering with high profile customers requires 100% compliance, state-of-the art equipment and expertise that instills confidence. As a full service partner for solid dosage pharmaceutical manufacturing, fortification pre-blend services, and nutritional supplements JB Laboratories delivers on all three requirements.

Vice-President of Operations Kirk Walter says the employee owned company excels at both small and large volume production runs. "Most of our customers began working with us on a small project and were impressed, so in some cases we're grown from a small project to being the sole supplier for many of our customers."

When it comes to providing tamper evidence for their solid dose OTC customers Walter's team relies on Enercon induction cap sealers. Their newest sealer, an air cooled Super Seal™ Deluxe seal a wide range of CRC and special conical caps. It features microprocessor controlled sealing and an advanced operator display that keeps the packaging team up to speed on system performance.

Walter's confidence in Enercon is similar to the confidence placed in JB Laboratories by his customers. "In selecting Enercon it's really a no brainer. We see it as a no risk investment because we know their products get the job done, they provide exceptional technical expertise and deliver on support."

JB Laboratories utilizes Enercon Super Seal Deluxe, like the one pictured above, to ensure their customers' products have the tamper evidence they demand.