Induction Sealing Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer

With hand sanitizers becoming a prominent defense against Covid-19 packagers have responded with increased production of both personal hand sanitizers and large F –Style jars. Induction cap sealing technology is used to preserve these products’ integrity and prevent leaks with a hermetic induction seal. Enercon is pleased to support both experienced packaging operations and new packaging start-ups with reliable Super Seal™ induction cap sealers that seamlessly integrate into their lines.

Personal hand sanitizing products most often feature 20-24mm dispensing caps with a single piece liner. Enercon’s application engineers expertly match the cap and container configuration with a sealing head design that will optimize sealing energy for the application. Size of the liner, distance from the top of the cap and line speed will determine how much sealing power will be needed. Enercon offers a range of power levels for packagers to optimize their investment.

F-Style jars of hand sanitizing products are used to refill smaller personal containers. The caps are typically 38mm and also use a single piece liner. In most cases a clean-peel liner is used to ensure no residue from the liner is left on the rim of the container.

Its highly recommended that production lines incorporate line control systems that prevent bottles from stalling under an induction sealer or backing-up under an induction sealer. Enercon offers these solutions along with other cap inspection options such as foil detection and high cap detection with container rejection capabilities.

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