Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2018

The packages below were selected by a panel of induction sealing application experts. Each is being honored for either overcoming technical challenges, improving productivity with an induction seal, or for the significance that the induction seal plays in part of their packaging strategy.

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RMR Solutions (Click for Full Story)

RMR Solutions

Product. RMR-86

Challenge. Improve packaging for new and fast growing chemical solution used to remove mold & mildew stains in seconds, effectively restoring surfaces back to their original appearance. Initial packaging was subject to leaks through the cap and required products to ship in zip-tied plastic bags to avoid customer complaints. This also prevented the products from being sold through major channels such as Amazon.

Solution. Enercon Super Seal™ Induction Cap Sealer with All-In-One™ Sealing Head and specially vented liners to allow for proper off-gassing. The All-In-One™ Sealing Head enables efficient sealing of a wide array of cap sizes. This sealer performs so reliably that it virtually eliminates customer complaints and leaky packages. The sealed product now satisfies Amazon's packaging requirements allowing the company to grow its business through new channels.



Challenge. Create a closure with a liner that provides tamper-evidence, prevent leaks and protects against counterfeiting for high value automotive oils and argrochemical products.

Solution. A unique closure design that features a ring-pull induction liner which provides consumers with easy opening, leak prevention, and assurance against conterfeiting. When the consumer opens the closure, they are presented with a ring-pull which allows them to remove the induction liner. The container cannot be refilled without evidence of tampering, thus thwarting conterfeiting. BERICAP worked with Enercon Industries Limited in the UK to esure the package could be commercially sealed. Enercon developed and prescribed Super Seal™ Cap Sealers with a special tunnel sealing head for efficient and reliable sealing of the package.


TATCHA-The Pearl

Product. The Pearl

Challenge. Preserve freshness and provide tamper evidence of a new pearl-shaped cosmetic package containing a tinted eye-illuminating product. Theh pearl-shaped package and cap configuration creates a gap between the induction liner and top of the product.

Solution. Enercon Super Seal™ Induction Cap Sealer with specially designed tunnel sealing head. The unique sealing head directs the sealing energy to the induction liner to achieve engergy-efficient and reliable heating of the foil to create the required hermetic seal.

Bay View Packing Company (Click for Full Story)

Bay View Packing

Product. Pickled Foods

Challenge. Support the company's move from glass to light-weight plastic jars for their pickles products. Ensure product freshness and prevent leaks on new package.

Solution. Enercon Super Seal™ Induction Cap Sealer to create a hermetic induction seal.