Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2016

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The packages below were selected by a panel of induction sealing application experts. Each is being honored for either overcoming technical challenges, improving productivity with an induction seal, or for the significance that the induction seal plays in part of their packaging strategy.

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DryBev International - New Package Concept (Click for Full Story)

Dry Bev International

Challenge. New Package Concept allows a powdered formulation to be mixed with a liquid after it has been opened. This extends shelf life and reduces the cost to produce certain types of products. Required a single induction liner to seal two openings to maintain package integrity.

Solution. Enercon engineers configured a special power supply and sealing head combination to ensure sealing energy is applied evenly to the liner to produce two hermetic seals. A traditional induction sealer focuses sealing energy on the outside of the foil.

“To make this packaging concept a reality we needed an induction sealing solution that was scalable and repeatable, Enercon developed just what we needed,” Ted Casey, Owner Dry Bev International

Unilever - Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Squeeze Bottle (Click for Full Story)


Challenge. Seal a new innovative container with a clean lock cap that eliminates drips and offers a precision tip for easy control during use. The container has a recessed foil with a diameter making it much smaller than the diameter of the cap.

Solution. Enercon developed a special sealing head that optimized the induction field to ensure the required sealing power is efficiently delivered to the induction foil. This is critical for creating a consistent hermetic seal and for minimizing the amount of power needed for sealing.

Association of Sauces and Dressings Package of the Year: “We worked with Enercon Industries to design a bottle to help consumers get the most out of the product, and the most product out of the bottle.” Tom Wajda, R&D director at Unilever.

Best Formulations - Contract Packager Supplements and Pharmaceuticals (Click for Full Story)

Best Formulations

Challenge. Improve induction sealing productivity across all production lines while packaging a wide variety of products and containers.

Solution. The company takes a holistic approach to equipment, looking for suppliers with reliable equipment and training resources to make their operations better. Best Formulations chooses to standardize on Enercon Super Seal™ cap sealers because of their reliability, versatility to seal different cap configurations, and Enercon’s ability to help educate their personnel to maximize their results. As an added benefit, the company learned of Enercon’s plasma treating systems which are now used on every line to improve and enable the company’s ink jet coding processes.

As seen in Packaging World and Contract Packaging Magazine: “It’s a priority for us to focus on selecting key suppliers for packaging equipment which embody the trifecta of a good supplier; knowledgeable people, reliable equipment and support for products and applications,” Dwayne Chrest, Production Manager at Best Formulations.

Mendes Gonçalves - Gourmet Culinary Sauces (Click for Full Story)

Dry Bev International

Challenge. Induction seal 120,000 bottles per day, many with a conical dispensing cap, to prevent leaks, provide tamper evidence and extend shelf life for exporting.

Solution. Enercon in the United Kingdom worked with this Portuguese company to ensure their full range of products could be sealed at production speeds. For the conical capped containers which provide shelf presence and consumer convenience, Enercon designed a special sealing head to direct the sealing energy towards the induction liner. Sealing heads may be changed as needed for different applications.

“The Enercon machines are stronger, more efficient and can be easily integrated into production lines to maintain fast production speeds,” Carlos Prino, Industrial Projects Director at Mendes Gonçalves.