Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2014

Induction sealing's ability to provide tamper evidence, prevent leaks and preserve freshness make it an extremely popular packaging choice.

In recent years Enercon has worked with leading customers on expanding the application range of this technology. The best examples of this success are represented by this group of HALL of FAME honorees.

The packages below were selected by a panel of induction sealing application experts. Each is being honored for their innovation in overcoming implementation challenges and or for the way they used induction sealing to improve their package’s functionality.

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Berry Plastics Group – Cosmetic Tubes

Challenge. Induction seal a tube prior to filling.

Why Induction? - Satisfy customers' request for a closure which prevents leaks, deters tampering, and ensures product freshness.

Solution. Berry Plastics worked with Enercon to creatively position the Super Seal™ Touch’s sealing head to integrate with their existing line configuration. The recipe management option also helps reduce setup time and ensure consistent sealing results when switching between lines, cap sizes, and operators.

Read more about how Berry Plastics tripled their production speed by incorporating a new sealer and automation


Belcorp – Triple Acción

Challenge. Triple Acción’s uniquely shaped cap creates a large gap between the seal and the top of the cap.

Why Induction? Prevent product counterfeiting, avoid leaks and stop exposure to oxygen and humidity which affect the products’ effectiveness and appearance.

Solution. Enercon’s Super Seal™ coupled with a sealing head specifically designed by application engineers to focus the sealing energy on the foil in the cap. Enercon was the only induction sealer supplier Belcorp found that could deliver consistent seals and adhered to their corporate quality standards.

T. Marzetti - Simply Dressed

Challenge. Create a new package design that reflects the product’s clean and simple ingredients by eliminating the need for a shrink wrap over the closure, while establishing its own identity in a competitive marketplace.

Why Induction? Provide tamper evidence, preserve product’s freshness & provide an easy opening experience for consumers.

Solution. Enercon's Super Seal™ induction sealer, with an energy efficient tunnel sealing head creates a clean hermetic seal for product freshness and tamper evidence.

Read more about how T.Marzetti incorporated an induction seal to eliminate the need for shrink wrap.

Zipz Wine – Single Serve Wine

Challenge. Switch from conduction sealing to induction sealing to alleviate seal failures.

Why Induction? Prevent leaks and oxygen migration to ensure product freshness while still providing an easy peel off solution for consumers.

Solution. Zipz designed a new container made with an oxygen-scavenging PET blend. They also incorporated threads in the closure which provides the pressure required for Enercon’s Super Seal™ Touch to create a hermetic seal expanding the shelf life to almost two years.

Read more about how Zipz wines conduction seal failure was eliminated with induction sealing.

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