Induction sealer cleans up leaking containers

What do think when you see a leaking product? According to a Perception Research Services study consumers perceive products that are damaged to be of a lower value.1 We all know that negative impressions are difficult to overcome.  If you could ensure a positive first impression from your packaging what would it be worth to you? For Jennifer Hardaway, founder of KLEAN Bath and Body it was easily worth the cost of Enercon's Super Seal™ Jr induction sealer

Prior to embarking on her business venture Hardaway confesses she knew absolutely nothing about making, packaging or distributing beauty scrubs and lotions. What she did realize was that she had a passion for bath and body products.  Once she created a "catchy" brand name, Klean Bath and Body, she decided to make her passion a profession.
After a year of study and formulating her aromatic creations she hit a stumbling block: a leaky product. Her sugar body polishes arrived at the customer's doorstep a sticky mess. Hardaway found herself replacing the scrubs, wasting valuable time, product and profit.

As an owner of a fledgling company she knew she needed to quickly resolve the problem before negative perceptions led to lost orders. She tried altering the recipes to eliminate some of the oil, but was unhappy with the results.  The decisive moment occurred when her beauty products arrived at the New York Gift Show coated with sugar and oil leaking from her containers. She was forced to withdraw from the show.

Hardaway researched online for a solution to her packaging problem. She discovered Enercon induction sealers and soon became confident induction sealing was the right technology for her all natural beauty products.

Enercon recommended a Super Seal™ Jr induction sealer because it is specifically designed for laboratory and small production runs. The company was also able to recommend a foil liner that would reliably perform despite the natural acidity of the product's oils.

Hardaway says, "I love the Super Seal Jr's portability and ease of use. Most importantly it solved my problem, it worked!" says Hardaway. 

Being new to packaging Hardaway admits she needed some extra support from Enercon, but adds, "Enercon made me feel like their only customer."

With this new sense of sealed serenity Klean Bath and Body continues to grow. They recently expanded their online business by adding a new representative in Los Angeles, California.

"I used to be thrilled when I got a couple of orders a month, now I receive 10-15 a week!"

"Before investing in an induction sealer, I was afraid to send my product out, unsure of how they would arrive at my customer's door. Now I have the confidence to ship my products. Peace of mind is worth every penny spent on Enercon’s  Super Seal Jr."

1 Perception Research Services, "Custom Kote Damage Reduction Research." 27 Sept 2005 3 Feb 2009

Enercon's Super Seal Jr. provided Hardaway confidence the body polishes would arrive leak free to her customers.