Contract Pharmacal takes the pressure off with induction sealing

Contract Pharmacal Corporation (CPC) relies on several formulas for success. The manufacturer of nutritional supplements, OTC drugs and prescription pharmaceuticals is committed to their customer satisfaction formula. Aggressive pricing, plus methodical quality assurance, plus efficient customer service, plus innovative technology has kept them in business for over 30 years.

Today they reliably deliver more than 2,000 different products which include custom formulations and generic national brand equivalents. CPC’s operation is well equipped to handle the production demands of customers like Walgreens and the regulatory demands placed upon the pharmaceutical industry.

Their key to producing these products is their meticulously drafted S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedures) managed by quality control technicians. The quality control team performs in-process analyses and physical inspections for all of the batches manufactured.

CPC’s impeccable manufacturing procedures are teamed with the latest in packaging equipment technology, including Enercon induction sealers.

Mark Wolf, CPC Vice-President of Operations, says the company changed over from pressure sensitive liners to induction foils when the industry increased its demand for a fool proof, tamper-evident seal. "The seals do not come loose from the bottle unless it is done intentionally."

Wolf adds that CPC selected Enercon for its competitive price, service and reliability. The cap sealers seal containers with cap sizes ranging up to 75 mm on five different lines. The sealers feature highly efficient tunnel sealing heads and operate at speeds of 40 to 120 bpm. The induction sealers are stainless steel and compatible with CPC's wash-down environment.

CPC’s formula for success has earned them a solid reputation for quality. They are registered with The Food and Drug Administration and The New York State Board of Pharmacy. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has granted them a license to manufacture controlled substances. They are also approved to manufacture products with kosher certification.

CPC replaced p-s liners with induction seals.