Cheminova avoids leaks with inner-seal

Enercon Industries Ltd. of Great Britain has supplied an induction cap sealing system to Cheminova A/S for the secure sealing of pesticides and preservatives. Based in Denmark, Cheminova A/S is a world-renowned agrochemical company that specializes in plant protection products, preservatives for the food industry and flotation agents for the mining industry.

Sealing at Cheminova is performed on 63 mm closures on three manufacturing lines, the fastest of which is running at 5,000 bph.

Using the Enercon System we can be as sure as possible of delivering airtight containers, which will withstand shock, vibration, and internal or external pressures during transportation. Claus Damgaard
Production Engineer

Mr. Claus Damgaard, Production Engineer at Cheminova, says, "We chose the Enercon system because we needed a reliable, low-cost method of sealing our products. This is our third Enercon system and we are very happy with the results. The main benefit to Cheminova in using the Enercon system is increased line reliability and speed, which as a direct result, maximizes productivity while minimizing down-time."

Reliability of the seals used with agrochemicals is a prerequisite for customer confidence. The effective packaging of agrochemicals is an area manufacturers are constantly trying to improve to ensure product security and shelf life, as well as eradicate problems such as leaking containers.


Cheminova produces the majority of its products at a facility in Harbore in Western Denmark, which achieved total environment approval in 1990. Environmental awareness is therefore a high priority with the company, which exports to more than 100 countries around the world. Damgaard comments, "We are delighted with the security that the Enercon system gives us as an environmentally aware company."

Originally appeared in: eNews: Induction Sealing Technology 1st Quarter 2002

Cheminova uses inner seals applied using induction sealing to avoid leaks