Automotive Packager Chooses Enercon for Sealing

Millers Oils

Millers Oils of Brighouse England is a leading manufacturer of automotive oils. When the company decided to move to induction cap sealing for tamper evidence and leak prevention they chose Enercon as their supplier of choice.

And, it’s no wonder. The induction sealing experts at Enercon Industries Ltd in Aylesbury Bucks UK have experience in sealing automotive and chemical products througout Europe. The Enercon team provided Millers Oils with two Super Seal™ induction cap sealers to meet the needs of their packaging operation.

Capped containers with foil liners are conveyed under the Super Seal™ cap sealer. The sealer creates an electromagnetic field which induces eddy currents into the foil resulting in a resistance-type heating effect. The heated foil melts a polymer coating which bonds to the lip of the container creating a hermetic seal.

“Induction cap sealing is a good fit for regulatory purposes in our industry, as it ensures the distributors that the product will not spill during transit,” says Bob Weale, Supply Chain Manager for Millers Oils.

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