Induction Sealing Machines & Equipment

World class induction cap sealers for every production need

Whether you need a cap sealing machine for high volume production or laboratory cap sealing, Enercon has an induction sealing equipment solution for you. Each of our induction sealing machines is designed for rugged and reliable field performance. Our experts can help guide you in selecting the perfect induction sealer to ensure you achieve a perfect induction seal.

For your most challenging induction sealing requirements, try our high speed Super Seal Max cap sealer. If performance and optimal system control are important, discover the new Super Seal Touch. Its touch screen provides high tech operations such as pharmaceutical packagers with advanced options. Meanwhile our range of base-line Super Seal induction sealing machines meets all the performance criteria of the food, beverage, cosmetic, oil and chemical industries.

For hand-held and manual induction sealing, Enercon offers the portable Super Seal Jr, the semi-automatic cap sealing system the Auto Jr, and for hermetic induction sealing with or without a cap we offer the Pneumatic Jr. Please contact our application team for more information.

Induction Sealing Equipment

Super Seal™ Max - For High Speed Induction Cap Sealing Super Seal™ Max - For High Speed Induction Cap Sealing

The Super Seal™ Max induction cap sealer is ideal for high speed packaging lines & challenging applications.

The Super Seal Touch, one of Enercon's high performing induction sealing machines Super Seal™ Touch - Advanced Induction Sealing

The Super Seal™ Touch induction cap sealer provides fully-integrated cap inspection, touch screen control and network connectivity.

Enercon's most popular cap sealer, the Super Seal Super Seal™ - Induction Cap Sealing Machine

The Super Seal™'s reputation for reliable performance is well deserved. These remarkable cap sealing machines have sealed over 25 billion containers at production facilities around the globe.

Induction sealing heads Pressure Belt - Snap Cap and Capless Sealing

Enercon's pressure belt sealer allows successful induction sealing on both capless and non-torqued containers such as snap-on caps where it was otherwise impossible before.

Manual Cap Sealing Machines

Super Seal Jr, induction sealing equipment Super Seal™ Jr - Hand Held Induction Sealer

The Super Seal™ Jr hand-held induction sealer offers the combination of sealing capability and portability.

Auto Jr., one of Enercon's semi-automatic cap sealing machines Auto Jr - Semi-Automatic Cap Sealer

The Auto Jr cap sealer is designed for packagers who require a semi-automatic sealing process with low production volumes.

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