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Cap Seal for Chemical, Lubricant & Petroleum Bottles

Did you know the original packaging application for induction sealing was to prevent chemical containers from leaking? Today induction cap sealers are used to seal a wide range of chemical products in the agrochemical, automotive, industrial and household chemical markets.

An induction sealer creates a strong welded bond to the lip of chemical, lubricant & petroleum containers. This barrier prevents hazardous liquids & powders from leaking out of the container during shipment, & while being stored in inventory. For e-commerce distribution, an induction seal eliminates the need for secondary packaging such as plastic bags.

For chemicals which produce an off gas, a vented liner may be used. These liners prevent leaks while allowing gas to escape to prevent container distortion.

Many petroleum and lubricants have unique dispensing caps or irregular shapes. Enercon has special sealing heads to accommodate these designs and maintain efficiency in the induction sealing process.

Enercon helps packagers seal motor oil, automotive fuel additives, antifreeze, grease, lubricants, brake fluid, washer fluid, oils, fertilizers, pesticides, weed killer, lawn care treatments, industrial chemicals and cleaning products.

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