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Cap Sealing for CDB, Medical & Legalized Recreational Cannabis

Packaging of CBD products, medical and legalized recreational cannabis is evolving and induction sealing is playing a major role. Induction liners provide a hermetic seal creating a moisture and oxygen barrier which protects product freshness and integrity. They also prevent leaks and are recognized by the FDA as an effective means of providing tamper evident packaging.

Products incorporating CBD and cannabis come in many different configurations including edible products, oils, liquids, flower and plants. Induction cap sealing is compatible with all of these types of products and can be used with a wide variety of containers and caps including child resistant (CRC), continuous thread, and dispensing caps.

Packagers in the emerging cannabis market rely on Enercon induction sealers for the same reasons pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food producers do. Enercon is the innovation leader in reliability, energy efficiency and customer support. As the global leader in induction cap sealing solutions Enercon offers a complete line of cap sealers to meet all application requirements from manual hand held sealing to high speed production line systems.

Consult with our induction sealing application experts for more information or use the links below for more insights on successful sealing.


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