Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2007

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Induction sealing's ability to provide tamper evidence, prevent leaks, and preserve freshness make it an extremely popular packaging choice. In recent years Enercon has worked with leading customers on expanding the application range of this technology. The best examples of this success are represented by this group of HALL of FAME inductees. The packages below were selected by a panel of induction sealing application experts. Each is being honored for the challenges that were overcome to achieve production success with induction sealing.

"Enercon's Induction Sealing application engineering team is passionate about solving every application we are asked to seal. With new container shapes and sizes in development, or even other induction sealing projects, we take our knowledge of past projects, trials and developments, and apply them to finding a solution. Chances are, there isn't any application we haven't seen. And, if there is, we're up for the challenge." stated Ron May, P.E., Vice-President Engineering.

TUMS® - GlaxoSmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare

GlaxoSmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare of Moon Township, Pennsylvania joined four other inductees in the Induction Sealing Hall of Fame at Pack Expo 2007. This oval topped container pushed Enercon engineers to challenge the physics of induction sealing.

Induction sealing is traditionally used to seal containers with round openings. Oval shaped foil creates a challenge since induction sealing eddy currents travel in a circular path. Standard snap on caps do no provide enough pressure on foil to achieve seal.
Why Induction?
Preserve freshness, instill tamper eveidence eliminating cumbersome and hard to maintain conduction sealing equipment.
Enercon Super Seal™ induction cap sealer with special sealing tunnel that directs the induction field across the oval foil for in-line production. Snap on cap features thicker pulpboard insert that applies required pressure on foil for sealing. The improved system created less downtime, less scrap, less conveyor, and higher speeds resulting in improved efficiences for GlaxoSmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare.

NESCAFE® - Societé des Produits Nestlé S.A.

Nescafe® of Nestlé's Australia was selected by a panel of induction sealing application experts to join four other inductees in the Induction Sealing Hall of Fame at Pack Expo 2007 in Las Vegas. The new package design challeged Enercon to design a one of a kind tunnel sealing head.

High speed line with new package design features cap and bottle profile with large air gap on sides and top of the induction seal. The strength of an induction field drops off proportionately to the square of the distance traveled which means this applicaiton presents and extreme challenge to deliever enough sealing energy to achieve a successful seal.
Why Induction?
Preserve freshness and instill tamper evidence. The company already had an Enercon induction sealer.
Enercon's application engineers reconfigured the internal design of a standard tunnel sealing head to specifically refocus the sealing energy to the positon of the foil. The high speed application also required the industry's most powerful induction sealer: The Super Seal™ Max.

WILDCAT - Wildcat R/C Fuels, a division of CAE, INC.

Enercon unveiled five inductees to the Induction Sealing Hall of Fame at Pack Expo 2007 in Las Vegas. Wildcat, a division of the CAE, Inc. in Nicholasville, Kentucky, was honored for the challenges this dual cap container presented to induction sealing. A panel of induction sealing experts chose Wildcat for success achieved with induction sealing.

Seal two caps of differing heights with one induction sealer.
Why Induction?
Prevent leaks and optimize throughput.
An Enercon Super Seal™ Max cap sealer with modified tunnel sealing head. The sealing head provides an extremely wide active sealing area to ensure successfull sealing without the risk of overheating either seal.
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