Induction Sealing Hall of Fame - Class of 2012

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Induction sealing's ability to provide tamper evidence, prevent leaks and preserve freshness make it an extremely popular packaging choice.

In recent years Enercon has worked with leading customers on expanding the application range of this technology. The best examples of this success are represented by this group of HALL of FAME honorees.

The packages below were selected by a panel of induction sealing application experts. Each is being honored for the challenges that were overcome to achieve production success with an induction sealing.

If you think your product belongs in the next class of induction sealing Hall of Famers send us an e-mail.

GreenBottle – Milk Bottle

To seal a new type of milk bottle that is completely recyclable. The outer layer is made of a paper shell with a thin plastic inner lining to hold the milk. The package requires sealing which must be accommodated on existing milk lines throughout the United Kingdom.
Why Induction?
Preserve freshness, provide tamper evidence, prevent leaks and extend shelf life
Enercon worked with the original container designer to ensure that the shape of the container opening is consistent with the traditional round UK milk bottles so that no sealing head changes would be required on UK bottling lines currently sealing with Enercon Super Seal and Super Seal Max induction sealers.

PepsiCo Tropicana Products Division – Tropicana Pure Premium

Project "Inspiration" updated Tropicana Pure Premium packaging from gabletop cartons and white HDPE containers into four new PET bottles that have high appeal with consumers and environmentalists. The PET shift began in 2011, when a 59-oz ESL gabletop was replaced by an injection stretch blow molded (ISBM) PET featuring an induction seal.
Why Induction?
Preserve freshness and prevent leaks
High Speed Enercon Super Seal™ Max induction cap sealers with sealing heads optimized for the cap, liner and container configuration.

Justins Nut Butter – Sustainability

Formulate all-natural nut butters & produce them in the most sustainable way possible. In addition to selecting packaging materials that are sustainable such as a new 16oz, PCR PET jar made from 100% recycled plastic, selecting packaging technologies to ensure product would not spoil prior to arriving in their customer’s homes.
Why Induction?
Prevent oil seepage leaks, preserve freshness and extend shelf life
Enercon Super Seal™ induction cap sealer with foil inspector and Enercon e-jector™ container rejection system

SaltWorks – Air Tight Gourmet Packaging

Maintain product freshness for artesian gourmet salts packaged in PET containers ranging from 4oz to 32oz where pressure sensitive liners have failed.
Why Induction?
An air tight seal was required to ensure the oxygen scavengers and desiccants inside the container performed properly. Induction provides a hermetic seal.
Enercon Super Seal cap sealer with All-in-One Universal sealing head

KIK Custom Products – Top Job Cleaning Products

Prevent container leaks and improve productivity on their high speed chemical packaging lines sealing gallon HDPE containers with 43mm caps. Required greater consistency in induction sealing results and support from their suppliers.
Why Induction?
Induction seals are a cost effective, reliable and production friendly technology designed to prevent leaks
Switched to an Enercon Super Seal™ induction cap sealer with sealing head optimized for their application. They were impressed with performance and support and replaced all of their existing induction sealers with Enercon units. The most recent being a Super Seal™ Touch for increased sealing power and operator control.
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