Sealing Heads

Ensuring your product is sealed successfully and consistently relies on the appropriate combination of an induction sealing power supply and sealing head. Cap diameter, cap style, and line speed all influence which power supply and sealing head will perform most effectively.

While the power supply component plays an integral role in your induction cap sealer, the effieciency of your system is ultimately determined by sealing head design. The real secret to creating fast, efficient, and consistent seals is the energy transfer from the power supply to the sealing head. If you don't have the correct coil design, increasing the power only wastes energy.

Cap size and style play the most significant role in determining which style sealing head fits your applications. Enercon engineers have designed a multitude of cap sealing heads to optimize sealing for all types of cap and container configurations.

All-in-One Sealing Head

Enercon offers an all-in-one sealing head which provides the most flexibility when induction sealing a wide variety of products.

Flat Sealing Head

A general rule containers with caps greater than 53mm in diameter where the foil is near the top of the closure are typically sealed utilizing a flat sealing head.

Tunnel Sealing Head

The tunnel sealing head was developed to address these concepts and is typically used in two situations: foil liner diameter is less than 53mm and taller closures.

When attempting to seal new products with an existing induction sealer, it’s best to consult with Enercon to determine the specific capabilities of your system’s configuration. No matter if your product has a cap or needs to be sealed capless, Enercon can create a sealing head for your application!

Enercon systems are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.